Disappointing blizzard of disappointment…

When I heard last week that they were predicting a major winter storm would be coming our way, I got pretty excited. Maybe I would have a snow day and have the day off! And then my creative itch started to scratch.

I figured the weather would not be bad enough for me to get stuck at home, meaning I would have had to drive to work (which i was confident I could do). My plan was to create sort of a parody trailer for a disaster movie, making fun of the fact when it barely snow on the west coast, everything grinds to a halt, while here in the midwest, a blizzard is just another day of the week. It would have been mostly footage of me driving to work through the blizzard with Mad Max like dramatic music for effect. I know how to do some basic video editing, I knew which soundtrack I wanted to use, I had the camera set up ready. What could possibly foil my brilliant plan?

Well, it is rather simple: There was no blizzard. It snowed a bit but nothing like what was predicted. there was maybe 3-4 inches of snow compared to the foot and a half that was expected. The company did not even bother sending weather warning that day, though a vast majority of my coworker worked from home. I did end up filming my way to work in case there was something interesting on the way there but nothing caught my attention.

After a whole day in the “blizzard”…

So disappointing.

I realize that I am complaining about “good” weather, but it would have made for a really cool video. It is still early in the year so I might another chance later.


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