The superbowl sort of live blog…

Obviously, I don’t really care about sports, but I thought I should at least pay attention to the Superbowl so that i can pretend to be more American than I am, or least for the supposedly unique adverts. So far, at time of writing it half way through the second quarter and I still don’t really care. The Broncos are leading by 3 points. Cool. There has not been any unique ads yet either. The panthers are playing terribly so far and it would not surprise me if the Broncos just crush them during the second half.

I am currently streaming the game on the CBS app for Xbox 0ne, which sucks as you can see by the featured image. It was literally 1 minute of live footage and then it would crash. Missed the first half of the first quarter, but it seemed that I didn’t miss anything. Also, I got reminded how much I hate the half mute “feature” that my television has.

I’ll probably post again after the half time show, if I am still watching by then.


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