Deadpool, A movie review…

Alright, big weekend movie number one: Deadpool. There was some concern a while ago about if it could pull off the comic book goofiness and violence that seems to be what made the comic book popular. We knew it would be rated R, but that could mean anything with how idiotic the movie rating system is. But as it turns out, it performed really well.

The humor is mostly tasteful and when they break the fourth wall, they don’t try too hard. The violence is there but not gory. If you have seen Mad Max Fury Road last year, it is comparable in how violent/gory Deadpool is. The only reason I think there is an R rating is because a scene inside a strip club, other than that it’s mostly tame (or least by my standards).

They do throw a couple punches at Green lantern and at the much hated previous incarnation of Deadpool during the movie. There is that joke about the green costume that was present in one of the trailers, and there is another brief one in the opening credit scene (which itself is quite funny since it features none of the actual actors/producers names) in the form of a trading card with strange resemblance to the Green Lantern. As for the old Deadpool form that Wolverine movie, there is one short quip about sawing someone mouth shut and a brief shot of an action figure with close resemblance to that version of Deadpool.

There are however a couple jokes that definitely about Valentines day, probably because it happens to be during the opening weekend. I am not sure to joke will work if you see some other time of the year.

Now as we all know, 20th Century Fox has the movie rights to the X men (and Fantastic Four) related comic books, and does not seem to want to relinquish the back to Marvel studios any time soon. They have done a decent job recently with the X men movie (not so much with Fantastic four though) but you can tell that some of Marvel’s fan would love to see the X men cross over into the Marvel movie continuity. I think we are starting to see sign of that.

First of all, there was Stan Lee cameo in the movie! Stan Lee has never appear in any of the X men movies since X men 3. And the final climax fight scene happens on what suspiciously looks like a Heli-carrier, those flying aircraft carrier that SHIELD uses (as seen in Avengers 1 and 2, and Captain America 2). It does not actually looks like the ones in the Marvel movies however, there are no Shield logos and it has giant jet engine rather than the weird propellers, though that probably due to movie rights and stuff like that.

Overall, It is worth a watch. It a refreshing movie to watch considering how terrible the last Fantastic Four movie was and how Ryan Reynolds previous attempt at Super Hero movies were lack luster.

On a side note, I went to see this movie in Imax (not 3D) and something kept bothering: image shuddering during CGI sequences, and weird out of focus/fuzziness. I am not sure if it has to do with the projector or if they are consequences of the Imax reformatting or whatever. It was distracting sometimes. Also, I caught someone trying to film the movie with their cellphone, It felt good.

Anyways, I’m off to see Zoolander 2. Hopefully my IQ won’t drop too far from how terrible it is…


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