Zoolander 2, another movie review…

So you know how i was like ” I hope I am not going to be brain dead after watching Zoolander 2″ at the end of my previous post? Well, guess what, I was completely wrong! I actually liked this movie! I thought it was hilarious! It was not a complete train wreck like I was lead to believe after see the harsh review online.

The plot in and of itself is nonsense but that is not the point of the movie, and I don’t think there is an actual point to the movie. It is not a movie that you have to watch with your mind as sharp as a sushi knife, but instead you have to relax and go with the flow of the story.

I think the biggest reason why people may not have like the film is because they did not understand the humor. The humor is where the film truly shines. While it may not have a a scene as rememberable as the walk off from the first one, it still pretty good. It is not slapstick humor, or sex jokes, or call out to dated cultural references/memes (though there are a quite a few cameos), the humor is actually what I think is clever satire of some of today modern societal trends. They make fun of hipsters, with one of the side characters who keeps saying how he hates things when he mean there cool or calls something that happened 15 minutes prior “retro”. They make fun of the push for environmental consciousness with crazy things made of recycle byproducts and hosting a fashion show at a toxic landfill. They poke fun at political correctness and this weird movement about identity politics with the character Cumberbatch briefly plays. The characters and the plot may be dumb but the humor behind it is quite clever.

If you have seen the first zoolander and liked it, you will probably like this one too. The movie is self aware of how ridiculous it is and that why you should go in and not expect a serious movie. If something as bad as Transformers can have three sequels despite having no likable characters and gutter humor, I can hope that Zoolander 2 can still be a success because I genuinely think that it is a good comedy.


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