Home improvement!

It’s like spring outside! It was nearly 70 degrees yesterday, and it’s going to freeze again in a couple of days. The weather is really acting up. Around this time last year , we were breaking temperature records in the negative, this time around we have abnormally high temperatures. The good thing about the warmer weather is that it motivated me to actually do some cleaning and improvement to my humble abode.

First of, I went to Lowes the other day to pick up a screw wrench so that I could remove that stupid fitting on my faucet so that I could fit my water filter. Obviously, metal on metal doesn’t offer a lot of traction but with a bit of effort, the thing broke loose and the filter was swiftly attached. Though the water is pretty good out of the tap here in Nebraska, I feel the filtered water taste better (or it’s a complete placebo…)


Secondly, I decided to do something with my WiFi\ situation. As I mentioned in a previous post, my WiFi modem/router unit had quirk where it would stop working, The network was still there but you could not connect to it. The only way to fix a modem is obviously to turn it on and off again but that is a bit annoying, especially when it started to happen every night. I was also renting the unit from Cox, which sounded like a good idea at the time. Having just received some tax refunds, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

I went to my trusty local electronic the store (that would be the Nebraska Furniture Store if you are wondering) and got myself some new tech: a Netgear CM400 cable modem and TP-link Archer C5 dual band WiFi router. After getting stuck on the phone for a little more than an hour with Cox tech support (they made a typo and put in the wrong mac address), My new WiFi set up was up and running.


This new setup is excellent, and my internet is noticeably more stable and faster than on the old modem unit. Another side effect of the better network is that I can finally do game streaming on my Nvidia Shield again. The old WiFi was so bad that it would usually fail after 30 seconds of streaming. It’s not quite as epic as it was back when I was still in college (well until my friends realized that when my computer was booting games and playing silently was not a screen saver option and started messing when I was remotely playing), it is still nice to be able to lay back on the couch and play PC games on a handheld device.


To finish today’s post, here is a picture of an actual package I got from Amazon:


I had ordered some ink cartridges for my fountain pen. I figured that they would just sent them in an envelope, but apparently Amazon thought differently. I guess they don’t have any boxes smaller than this one…


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