Temporary watch replacement…

So the other week, Something interesting happened to my watch. Somehow, a screw managed to get loose between the watch face and the crystal. Now, because it is one of the fancy swiss made watch, I can’t just bring to your run of the mill watch store, I need a licensed retailer to have it shipped for repairs. The closest store is in Kansas City, and I don’t fill like driving three hours south to drop off my watch.

The screw in question…

I could just get myself a simple and nice looking quartz watch but that would be too easy instead I decided to get myself a DIY digital watch kit. The kit that I bought is the Solder Time from SpikenzieLabs, which you can from several sites online, including ada fruit and amazon.


This kit is pretty simple to assemble, though I do recommend making sure that you have everything you need before you start assembling it. It was finished with all my soldering when I suddenly realized that I did not have a hex screwdriver, which you need for the four screws. It’s only a five minutes drive to Lowes but it is best not to leave electronics out in the open. Soldering might seem intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty straight forward.

As you can see from picture above it is quite big and probably won’t fit most people’s wrist. To display the time simply press the button on the right side and the seven segment display will turn on. The only complain I could make is that you need to disassemble the acrylic housing when you need to change the battery. It feels quite light and fits quite nicely on my wrist.

Obviously, it is not the most practical watch ever, but it was a fun small project to work on and it make for a cool conversation starter.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros has a lot riding on this movie. If this movie fails, Warner bros is deep in trouble and Marvel might take the monopoly on Super hero movie for the foreseeable future. So, was the train wreck that the movie pundits are claiming it is, or did Warner bros managed to cut themselves a slice of the super hero movie market?

To be honest, I think Warner Bros pulled it off quite nicely. I was genuinely impressed by the film and I am actually excited to see how they will expand the D.C. Universe. I think we can put the painful memories of film like Superman returns and the Green Lantern movie behind and actually be excited about D.C. characters on the big screen.

Obviously, rather than going with the colorful and often joke riddled atmosphere of most Marvel Movies, Batman V Superman is much more somber and grim, which is not necessarily for everyone. Chance are that if you didn’t like the Man of Steel Movie, you won’t like this one either. That being said I think it works very well with the type of characters that Batman and Superman are, and it give the chance for D.C. to distance themselves from Marvel on an artistic level.

The plot was my big worry. Just from what the trailer showed us, I was pretty obvious that a lot of thing were supposed to happen. Surprisingly, I did not feel overwhelming. You had to pay attention to what was happening a bit more than you would with Marvel movies but it wasn’t overcomplicated. Wonder Woman is actually sown into the plot very well, rather than being a toss in character for the final fight. Even the brief sneak peek at the other D.C. characters did not feel out of place.

The fight sequence were far better than the ones from Man of Steel. Instead of just flying into one another, their actual hand to hand fights, punching and kicking. The final fight is a bit confusing but it not like it is meant to be scrutinized in detail anyways. It works the same as the big pile on that Age of Ultron had toward the end of the film.

There are only really two things that I can complain about, a minor issue and a somewhat bigger one. The minor issue is Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg is a great actor and actually plays the role really well but this interpretation of the character is very different than the ones that we might already be familiar with. He still is a very cold and calculated bad guy, always a couple steps ahead of the curve and manipulating people to advance his own ambition. That being said, they made him feel more cartoonish. His mannerism are a little bit over the top, and is so subtle when he becomes angry. When he speaks, he tends to dance around the subject in that “I’m smarter than you” kind of way, full of allegory and stuff. I think it works within the framework of the movie but he is very punchable at times, but then again he is the bad guy, you are not supposed to like him.

The second, slightly bigger, issue is also because of a character: Lois Lane. OH my is she utterly annoying and incredibly stupid. She is nothing more than a pawn in the plot and she has about as much personality as pawn. If there were ever a need to define what a dumbass in distress is, she would be the perfect example. Nothing she does in the movie actually advances the plot, she just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The only reason for her to be in the movie is to be used by Lex and get rescued by Superman. I was almost cheering when she was thrown off a building but alas it did not last. I think you cut two thirds of her appearances without reducing the quality of the movie.

Now, let’s talk about the obvious elephant in the room. If it is actually as good as I am saying it is, why does seemingly every critic hate it? I have no idea. My best guess is that they got so used to Marvel’s brand of super hero movies that because this is so different, it is simply a knee jerk reaction. Though they would have probably complained if it was to similar to Marvel’s style too. That or they were paid by Marvel to write bad review.

Personnaly, I think I liked this movie more than some of the Marvel stuff. It felt closer to what I would define to be a Comic Book movie to be rather a Super hero movie. Compared to the second Avengers movie, Batman V Superman is far better in terms of action and visuals. I would highly recommend that you see this movie for yourself and definitely take some of those review with a grain of salt.

Back in shape, back in the game…

If you have been wondering why I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks, that’s because I was  a bit sick. Not “roll yourself into ball” sick but a more subtle sick, sapping your energy just a little bit. Not enough to take a sick day, but just enough to make you lazier and grumpier than usual. The kind of sickness I did not realize I had until like a week into it. I was a little more distracted than  usual, a little more frustrated at work than usual and couldn’t bring my self to sit down and type a blog post.

But no more! With a steady diet of aspirin and cold medications, I feel moderately better and back to my usual self! whatever that might have been! Yeah!…

Anyways, a bunch stuff happened since my last post that I might do somewhat belated post about. First my watch broke, which is a real pain, Nike announced a pair self lacing shoes literally the day after me ranting about them not releasing a pair of self lacing shoes, and I went to see two movies that I haven’t reviewed yet.

Talking about movies, I’ll be going to Batman V Superman tonight. I was unsure of how good the movie was based on the trailer. The main issue being how much they revealed in the trailer themselves, leaving me to wonder what little they did not show. The premiere was earlier this week and the word of mouth seemed positive at first but the score on rotten tomatoes has since took a dive. The score on IMDB on the other hand is stellar, with a 7.9 score with over 34 thousand votes at the time of writing.

Maybe it’s a case of critic being critic and the audience loving it, or maybe Warner bros is flooding IMDB with positive reviews, 34 thousand votes this early is a bit suspicious, or maybe Warner Bros did not grease enough hands and got bad press out of spite from the critics. Either way, I won’t know how good or how bad this movie is until I see for myself. I’m optimistic but I won’t hold my breath for anything truly spectacular.

Let’s do something different today and try to recall a couple things from last year, more specifically last October.


Remember Peeple? The IOS app that would let you rate people like product on amazon or like restaurant on Yelp? Unless you have been reading tech news this week, probably not. After the original buzz over the objectively stupid idea, they did a good job at lurking back into the shadow. Don’t worry though because they just released their app earlier this week! Yes, after being bashed for their stupid idea and proved how hypocritical they were on negative feedback, they reworked their idea and published it.

So what has changed since last time? Well, you still need a Facebook account and a phone number to join, which better than nothing I suppose. You can’t create an account for someone else any more, but you can “review” someone who is not on Peeple, sending them an invite to the service. Most importantly, you get to approve what “review” get to be seen by the public. That also means that anything short of glowing review would never become public rendering the whole app extremely shallow and stupid, which it was from the very beginning.

So what’s the catch? Surely no one will care about a rubbish phone app. Well, here is where things go back to stupid-land. They figured they would not make a lot of cash simply from slapping advertisement in an app that one will use, so instead the came up with something devious. They want to implement something they call a “Truth License”. For a small price, You would be able to see every single “review” ever written, regardless of if it was approved or not. If you can’t see how terrible of an idea that is, just think about for a few minute. What would be funny is if they made a counter service where you would pay so that none could your unapproved posts (though that would be ostensibly blackmail…)

Bottom line is this app is never going to catch on, hopefully. They are already getting crucified a second time in the media, so maybe they’ll go back from they came sooner than later.


In case you forgot, last year was 2015, or the year Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part 2. Every got really excited and then very sad when realized than flying and self sizing/drying clothes didn’t exist and that what was called hoverboards were really only cheap Chinese knock off that could spontaneously combust. However two companies decided to make the best of it and tried to use the hype to market us some products. Pepsi “released” Pepsi perfect, which was an utter and complete failure, and nike “announced” the self lacing shoes from the movie. The original plan was that they would sell the shoes like they did with the first batch in 2011, as a charity auction sometime in spring of 2016.

Well, it’s pretty much spring 2016, and not a single blip since that announcement back on October 21st. Did they make a huge mistake with the shoes and are hoping everyone forgot? are they ramping production to actually mass market the crap out of them? (those would sell like mad! Think about Nike! Think about it!) All of this is pointless speculation but I find it some what frustrating when companies have these really cool products they know they could make and sell by the thousands and yet do nothing about it… Obviously they could make a major announcement litteraly tomorrow and make me look like an idiot but what are the chances?

I just want me some cool shoes Nike. Just Do It! (Get it? It’s their tagline! hahaha…)