Back in shape, back in the game…

If you have been wondering why I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks, that’s because I was  a bit sick. Not “roll yourself into ball” sick but a more subtle sick, sapping your energy just a little bit. Not enough to take a sick day, but just enough to make you lazier and grumpier than usual. The kind of sickness I did not realize I had until like a week into it. I was a little more distracted than  usual, a little more frustrated at work than usual and couldn’t bring my self to sit down and type a blog post.

But no more! With a steady diet of aspirin and cold medications, I feel moderately better and back to my usual self! whatever that might have been! Yeah!…

Anyways, a bunch stuff happened since my last post that I might do somewhat belated post about. First my watch broke, which is a real pain, Nike announced a pair self lacing shoes literally the day after me ranting about them not releasing a pair of self lacing shoes, and I went to see two movies that I haven’t reviewed yet.

Talking about movies, I’ll be going to Batman V Superman tonight. I was unsure of how good the movie was based on the trailer. The main issue being how much they revealed in the trailer themselves, leaving me to wonder what little they did not show. The premiere was earlier this week and the word of mouth seemed positive at first but the score on rotten tomatoes has since took a dive. The score on IMDB on the other hand is stellar, with a 7.9 score with over 34 thousand votes at the time of writing.

Maybe it’s a case of critic being critic and the audience loving it, or maybe Warner bros is flooding IMDB with positive reviews, 34 thousand votes this early is a bit suspicious, or maybe Warner Bros did not grease enough hands and got bad press out of spite from the critics. Either way, I won’t know how good or how bad this movie is until I see for myself. I’m optimistic but I won’t hold my breath for anything truly spectacular.


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