Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros has a lot riding on this movie. If this movie fails, Warner bros is deep in trouble and Marvel might take the monopoly on Super hero movie for the foreseeable future. So, was the train wreck that the movie pundits are claiming it is, or did Warner bros managed to cut themselves a slice of the super hero movie market?

To be honest, I think Warner Bros pulled it off quite nicely. I was genuinely impressed by the film and I am actually excited to see how they will expand the D.C. Universe. I think we can put the painful memories of film like Superman returns and the Green Lantern movie behind and actually be excited about D.C. characters on the big screen.

Obviously, rather than going with the colorful and often joke riddled atmosphere of most Marvel Movies, Batman V Superman is much more somber and grim, which is not necessarily for everyone. Chance are that if you didn’t like the Man of Steel Movie, you won’t like this one either. That being said I think it works very well with the type of characters that Batman and Superman are, and it give the chance for D.C. to distance themselves from Marvel on an artistic level.

The plot was my big worry. Just from what the trailer showed us, I was pretty obvious that a lot of thing were supposed to happen. Surprisingly, I did not feel overwhelming. You had to pay attention to what was happening a bit more than you would with Marvel movies but it wasn’t overcomplicated. Wonder Woman is actually sown into the plot very well, rather than being a toss in character for the final fight. Even the brief sneak peek at the other D.C. characters did not feel out of place.

The fight sequence were far better than the ones from Man of Steel. Instead of just flying into one another, their actual hand to hand fights, punching and kicking. The final fight is a bit confusing but it not like it is meant to be scrutinized in detail anyways. It works the same as the big pile on that Age of Ultron had toward the end of the film.

There are only really two things that I can complain about, a minor issue and a somewhat bigger one. The minor issue is Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg is a great actor and actually plays the role really well but this interpretation of the character is very different than the ones that we might already be familiar with. He still is a very cold and calculated bad guy, always a couple steps ahead of the curve and manipulating people to advance his own ambition. That being said, they made him feel more cartoonish. His mannerism are a little bit over the top, and is so subtle when he becomes angry. When he speaks, he tends to dance around the subject in that “I’m smarter than you” kind of way, full of allegory and stuff. I think it works within the framework of the movie but he is very punchable at times, but then again he is the bad guy, you are not supposed to like him.

The second, slightly bigger, issue is also because of a character: Lois Lane. OH my is she utterly annoying and incredibly stupid. She is nothing more than a pawn in the plot and she has about as much personality as pawn. If there were ever a need to define what a dumbass in distress is, she would be the perfect example. Nothing she does in the movie actually advances the plot, she just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The only reason for her to be in the movie is to be used by Lex and get rescued by Superman. I was almost cheering when she was thrown off a building but alas it did not last. I think you cut two thirds of her appearances without reducing the quality of the movie.

Now, let’s talk about the obvious elephant in the room. If it is actually as good as I am saying it is, why does seemingly every critic hate it? I have no idea. My best guess is that they got so used to Marvel’s brand of super hero movies that because this is so different, it is simply a knee jerk reaction. Though they would have probably complained if it was to similar to Marvel’s style too. That or they were paid by Marvel to write bad review.

Personnaly, I think I liked this movie more than some of the Marvel stuff. It felt closer to what I would define to be a Comic Book movie to be rather a Super hero movie. Compared to the second Avengers movie, Batman V Superman is far better in terms of action and visuals. I would highly recommend that you see this movie for yourself and definitely take some of those review with a grain of salt.


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