Temporary watch replacement…

So the other week, Something interesting happened to my watch. Somehow, a screw managed to get loose between the watch face and the crystal. Now, because it is one of the fancy swiss made watch, I can’t just bring to your run of the mill watch store, I need a licensed retailer to have it shipped for repairs. The closest store is in Kansas City, and I don’t fill like driving three hours south to drop off my watch.

The screw in question…

I could just get myself a simple and nice looking quartz watch but that would be too easy instead I decided to get myself a DIY digital watch kit. The kit that I bought is the Solder Time from SpikenzieLabs, which you can from several sites online, including ada fruit and amazon.


This kit is pretty simple to assemble, though I do recommend making sure that you have everything you need before you start assembling it. It was finished with all my soldering when I suddenly realized that I did not have a hex screwdriver, which you need for the four screws. It’s only a five minutes drive to Lowes but it is best not to leave electronics out in the open. Soldering might seem intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty straight forward.

As you can see from picture above it is quite big and probably won’t fit most people’s wrist. To display the time simply press the button on the right side and the seven segment display will turn on. The only complain I could make is that you need to disassemble the acrylic housing when you need to change the battery. It feels quite light and fits quite nicely on my wrist.

Obviously, it is not the most practical watch ever, but it was a fun small project to work on and it make for a cool conversation starter.


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