April whatever post…

Ahhh… The first of April… The only day of the year where it is socially acceptable to lie. I always find it fascinating the amount of cool stuff people come with that I would totally buy. ThinkGeek usually come up with some cool stuff, and if the moon align just the right way, they sometime make the product for real. Sure, a ‘gaming’ toaster from Razer makes no sense, but I would buy that. Things seemed to have been pretty mild this year, but then again, something could have gone viral and I didn’t hear about it.


Talking of things going viral, Tesla unveiled their new model last night! OH MY! It looks so cooooooool!!! To be honest, if I did not have three and a half year worth of car car payment ahead of me, chances are I would have put down the $1000 for a reservation. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my Ford, but that Tesla is just the perfect electric car. It has style, it has function, it has range, what more could ask for?

The only thing that bugged me is the styling for the nose of the car. I really liked the way they did it on the Model X but it looks a little bit strange on the prototypes they showed at the event. That being said, it is very likely they will change some of the styling before it hits production, like they did with the S and the X. Another thing I noticed was that not all the car they showed were identical. The dark grey one had a different style of door handle than the two others, again probably due to the fact that those cars were only prototypes.

Maybe I’ll buy one in a couple years… Or when I win the lottery…


In other news, it was officially announced in the office today that the company has sold one of the two building that we currently have. The second building will become part of the UNO campus. This means two things:

  1. The building I work in will be renovated! Yeah!
  2. Everyone that worked in the other building has to move into our building, which means smaller cubes and probably more crowed cafeteria…

Hopefully they will redo the parking lot as well because that place looks like the surface of the moon at the moment. The thing I am curious about is the corridor that links the two building. They probably just bulldoze the thing. The details and the extents of the renovations are yet to be announced, but as long as they get us better chairs, I’ll be happy. The ones we currently have are horrendous, and half of them are kinda broken…


Edit: I somehow forgot to name this post before publishing it… derp.


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