I don’t understand Nintendo’s Miitomo…

A couple years ago, Nintendo announced that it would start developing a sort of “wellness” app, an announcement that, if I recall correctly, was received with great indifference and mild confusion. I am not sure what ever happen to that original plan but Nintendo recently released their first IOS and Android application: Miitomo. As you might have figure out by the title of this post, I was less than impressed by it.

To start off, I am not even sure what I would qualify Miitomo as. I guess it’s a sort of social network? You create an avatar (or as nintendo calls them, a Mii), answer some question like “what did you do this weekend?”, you can the way your Mii is dressed and your friends Mii will show up on occasion.  Thing is, you need either a Facebook account or a Twitter account to make friend requests without having someone in the same location as you. That beats the purpose of a social network in my opinion if you need another social network to use it (and if the person is the same room as you, Interact with them in the real world!!!).

There is not much in the gameplay department either. The way you earn in-game currency is by answering questions or listening to your friends answers. There is also a plinko type of game where you can earn special items. In other words, not a lot… As far as I can tell, you can’t post links or photos, and unless you answer something unrelated to the questions, you can’t really share anything unless prompted. At least you know there won’t be any politics.

Maybe I am not the intended demographic, but I am hard pressed to find who it would be for. I might leave the app on my phone for a while to give it a second chance, but I don’t expect it to remain more than a week.


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