BB-8 and rewatching Star Wars 7

There are few apps on my phone that still have the permission to post notification, so when the Sphero BB-8 app had one, I was somewhat curious. There is apparently a new feature that allowed you to “experience Episode 7 with BB-8”. Basically you put BB-8 in the charging pod, put the app on that mode and start the film, your phone’s microphone will listen to to the movie and will make your BB-8 “react” to what is happening in the movie. It is not all that exciting if I am honest.

I was not sure the thing was working properly at first because all BB-8 did at first was occasionally nod a couple times, but he eventually started making more elaborate move and sound. For example, when Fin meets Rey and BB-8 for the first time, when BB-8 accuses Fin of stealing the jacket and shocks him, the Sphero toy lit up and beeping noise  ensued. Another cool thing the app does is that when a new character appears there will be a pop up on the app show what character just appeared.

Ultimately though I found it a little bit distracting from the movie. I’m sure that it might help entertain some of the younger audience but that is probably a feature I won’t be using again any time soon. I wonder if they do that too for episode and 8 and 9, or even the rest of the star wars films…

BB-8, The ultimate distraction…

On the subject of Star Wars Episode 7, I think I liked it better than the first time I saw it. The pacing felt better, that story made more sense, and I feel like I picked up upon a few more detail than when I saw it in the theater. One thing that I somewhat distracted me during the movie that i didn’t notice the first time was the film grain. As you may know, they film the movie with old fashioned celluloid film, and one of the side effect is film grain. it is very noticeable in some of the darker indoor scenes, like the first scene where Fin takes off his helmet. Even scenes that I though would be all CGI have film grain, which leads me to believe that it was an intensional artistic choice on J.J. Abrams part.

I tried my best to that a picture of the film grain…

Oh and on a final side note, Ever wondered why C3-P0 had a red arm? Me neither, but Now you can know with this Marvel Star Wars comic that explain just that:



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