I also like to live dangerously….

The most exciting/terrifying/underwhelming thing happened today! There was a tornado! Woohoo! I have experienced my fair share of earthquake and typhoons when I grew up in Japan but tornadoes are something of regional thing here in the american midwest. It was only a matter of time before it happened. That being said, it did not feel like such a big deal.

Everyone’s phone started ringing when the warning was sent, walked down to one of the many tornado room of the building and just stood there. Some people seemed genuinely concerned but most people looked only mildly annoyed they had to stop what they were doing. and when 4 o clock came to past, everyone went back to what they were doing. I admit that I was a bit nervous on the drive back home, not wanting to find myself stuck in traffic with a tornado coming my way but ultimately no other tornado touched down in Omaha.

That being said, I hope I never find myself in another situation where google literally tells me “you are in a life threatening situation”…


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