Defeated by technology…

I like Technology. While I might not be able to afford all the cool stuff, like one of those cool VR headsets, I try to to keep up with the times. That being said, when I found an Atari 2600 in working condition in a local video game store, I could not pass the chance.


I snagged a couple game for a dollar each and drove back home very excited. I plugged the power in, screwed in the Coaxial cable in the antenna input of my TV, tuned in to channel 4 and …. all I got was static.

I could tell that the console was working because I could occasionally see a brief flash of the proper graphics, but none of the TV’s setting seemed to have any effect on the image. That’s when it hit me: The Atari gives out an analog signal and my TV only takes digital…

“But Alex, don’t you know you can simply plug your atari into the back of a VCR and simply use the VCR’s RCA output to get a clear picture?” Why yes astute voice in my head, I could simply do that. The problem still remain though: there are no RCA inputs for my TV, only HDMI and RGB… In other words, my Television is TOO MODERN! That also means that if I ever wanted to play something like some N64 or even something more modern like the Playstation 2, I would not be able to.

From what I know that such things as analog to digital converter and upscalers but those are pretty expensive and not necessarily reliable from what I heard. I guess I’ll have to go and find my self an old tv so that I can play old game consoles, which should not be too hard. Figuring out where to put the darn thing will be the hardest part. I guess the notion of backwards compatible is a dying one…


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