Captain America: Civil War…

DC Comics’ Batman VS Superman was the First of this year’s big Comic book superhero match up, which unfortunately for Warner Bros did not necessarily perform as well as it could. The action scene and the visuals were really impressive but the convoluted story and the set up for the sequels and other upcoming DC movie was not always well regarded. Could Marvel do better with Captain America? After all, they had a dozen major characters to handle, including two brand new ones to introduce! A lot of movie can’t even handle two villains, let alone twelve heroes!

Let’s start with some of the more technical aspect first before we talk in the storyline. As always the special effect are top notch, with enough practical stunt to make the action scene feel more realistic than they really are. There were a couple brief moment where I notice that some of the computer generated stuff looked a bit on the low res side of things but I doubt that most people would have noticed. The music was nothing special and rather forgettable. I can’t even recall what the credit roll theme sounded like despite having seen the movie only a couple days ago. Movie soundtrack is a bit of a lost art I suppose. The Movie did come out in 3d but that a complete waste of time, as you should already be aware of by now.

Thing do start to go a bit south with the plot. Like I mentioned, having twelve different characters do mean that a few of them get shoved to the side lines and only have what I would consider glorified Cameos, like Hawkeye and Ant Man. Heck the only two hero they were missing were Hulk and Thor, Which I guess is probably the only reason why this movie isn’t called “Avengers: Civil War” (a far more fitting title in my opinion). Heck It could also have been called “Iron Man Civil War” and it would not have made much of a difference.

Spiderman and Black panther are very well introduced however and I was quite impressed by Spiderman in particular. He far closer to the comic book version of Peter Parker than Garfield and Toby ever were and they did not bother giving him an origin story for once! There is bit of plot hole as to how Tony Stark figured out who Spiderman was, but that’s borderline nitpicking. Black Panther’s backstory and motivations are somewhat skimmed over, and it would help if you already have some idea of who he is before seeing the movie.

The biggest problem I have with the movie is the overall plot, namely there isn’t much of it. If Batman V Superman had too much plot, Captain America had too little. There is this big build up with this new villain that ultimately culminated into something so cliché, what a let down. I am not sure if I even understood the intention of the villain by the end of the film.

The way I see it, the last fight scene between Cap, Bucky and Stark could have been avoided if they decided to just sit down and talk things over like adults. It felt like that the author wrote the big fight at the airport as the finale, only to realize that it would barely be an hour and a half long movie and had to scramble to write an ending. Speaking of the ending, if you are familiar with the ending of the comic book arc and expecting “something” to happen, it’s not happening in this movie. Like how “The winter soldier” was more of a dark and serious Marvel movie, there was not that many funny moments. While there were a few light hearted scenes (specially when Spiderman was around), it was not “Guardian of the Galaxy” funny.

Ultimately, this movie felt like an Avengers 2.5. They had to set up a couple new characters and create the tensions and allegiances between certain characters for the next wave of movies. There is little in the way of character development (except maybe for one or two characters) and all that happens really is that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark hate each other now. It is still a decent film and worth a watch but I don’t think it lived up to the hype it had generated, kinda like “Age of Ultron“.


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