Let’s talk about the Ghostbusters’ reboot… part 2

I realized that I forgot to mention in last night’s post a couple of things that I noticed from the second international trailer. The other post was already quite long and felt like it had a coherent flow to it, so I guess this is its unworthy sequel.

In the opening of the international trailer, there a few cuts with promotional blurbs. The first one simply states “From Columbia Pictures” I.E. Sony, nothing too interesting here. things are more interesting with the next two:

The first one you see is the spider-man one. When I first watched this trailer I thought they meant The Amazing Spider-man, the films with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stones, but then I realized it only said “Spider-man” not “Amazing Spider-man”. Now look at the font they used for the title, it is not the font they used for the “Amazing Spider-man” but rather the font for Sam Raimi’s original Spider-man films. Isn’t that curious? The last film Raimi did, Spider-man 3, came out in 2007, that borderline to a decade ago. Why would Sony want to refer to a series of film which they failed at rebooting? They failed so bad with the second Amazing Spider-man film, they renegotiated the rights with Marvel so that Marvel could use the character in “Civil War” and Marvel will be making the next Spider-man film. Isn’t this like saying “Hey forget about the horrible reboot and remember the good old films!”? Not exactly a vote of confidence, especially when trying to promote a reboot!

And then they bring in “Men in Black”, which I find to also be a curious choice. Do they mean the relatively recent “Men in Black 3” from 2012? It wasn’t a bad film but I am not sure it was a commercial success either. Maybe they meant to refer to the first film, but that came out in 1997, that’s almost two decades ago! Has Sony really done nothing successful enough for them to have to dig so far back in time to have franchises that are somewhat presentable?

I know that “the studio that brought you” is a fairly standard marketing thing, but it is a really stupid one. I sincerely doubt that any one that work on either Men in Black or the original “Spider-man” had anything to do with the production of this Ghostbusters movie. Also, Columbia Picture made “Pixels” and “the Interview”. I am fairly certain they won’t be bragging about these two films anytime soon!

A more important detail to me is the complete lack of Paul Feig’s name on any of the trailers. One of the big “selling points” for this movie was that Paul Feig did successful comedies with female leads, such as “bridesmaid” and “The Heat”. Wouldn’t you think they would want to use that fact in the trailers, rather than “Spider-man” and “Men in Black”? I think this is more evidence for my theory that there is some beef between Sony’s executives and Feig. Maybe they fear that Feig’s name isn’t marketable after the backlash they received and would rather erase his involvement from the marketing? Who knows at this point.


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