Some general life update…

It is currently the middle of the summer, and as you may know, it gets really hot here in the mid west. The building I live in is far from being the most modern thing in the world and therefore it is no surprise that the Air conditioning is less than spectacular. Usually, the AC is struggling to cool my apartment and the temperature tend to hover around 80 to 82 degrees during the day but manage to cool it down to a more appropriate 74-75 in the evening. Last year, there was a leak and all the coolant had evaporated. Fortunately that was a quick fix and I only had to suffer for a couple days. This year, the compressor decided to die.

Now if you are not familiar with the working of an air conditioning unit, here’s the short version:

The coolant in the unit is a gas that is liquified by pressurization and that boils at room temperature. Because going from liquid to gas is an endothermic process (I.e it absorbs heat), all you have to do is cycle the liquid, let it boil and evaporate (cooling the air) and then re-liquify it and repeat.

The crucial part in the AC is the compressor, the pump that pressurizes the gas back into liquid form, and the one for my apartment decided that now was good time to go. As you can guess the result was Catastrophic, with temperature reach 95 degrees in my apartment  until 11PM.For now I am stuck with a portable unit that works even less. It will cool down only one room, and unfortunately, it is in my living room and not my bed room… I guess I could sleep on the couch for a while…


I guess there could be a silver lining to all this. Maybe the reason my AC never quite worked was because of the compressor being on its last leg, and getting a new one might actually make my AC better than before! Only time will tell.


Some time ago, I went and bought myself some Bitcoins. Actually more like a fraction of Bitcoin. I was interested by the technology, the price had just crashed, and the first Bitcoin ATM was about to open in a Cupcake store near where my office is. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to jump on the band wagon and see what the fuzz was about. While I was originally enthusiastic about the possibilities, I ultimately did nothing with my Bitcoins. I regained interest in my holdings after I learned that because of the fear over the “Brexit”, the price of Bitcoins had sky rocketed. My 40 dollars worth of virtual money was now worth over 120 dollars! Exciting times!

But how does one sell their Bitcoins? I guess i could have used one of the many online exchanges, but with all the stories of those getting hacked, I decided to give those a pass. Instead, I decided to use the same ATM from which I bought the Bitcoin from. The process is very simple, tell the machine how much you want to sell, scan the barcode it generates, and then wait half an hour for the transaction to process… HALF AN HOUR!!! Also the machine will not buy at market value and even though I requested 80$ worth of sale, I had to pay 89$ worth of bitcoin. I still doubled my original investment, which is far better than I thought I would get out of this experiment. I not entirely sold on Bitcoin but I still see potential in the concept and technology behind it.


I got Tickets for the New York Comic Con! Yeah! It was a pain in the back but well worth it. Starting this year, you had to essentially fill an online application form to be assigned a ticket. If you did not fill the form, you could not have the ticket assigned to your name and the ticket would ultimately be refunded! It was not the most straight forward experience and I had to wait for an hour on the store page before I could put my order in. By the time the store page was open to me, both the four day passes and the three day passes were sold out, thankfully I only wanted single day passes for Saturday.

I am probably not going to go as a Jedi like I did last year. I could just go in street clothes but I feel like cosplaying is part of the experience.


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