Random thoughts of the week…

Apparently this is my 100th post on this blog of mine. Hooray! Internet cakes for everyone! I started writing another post for this special occasion but I realized that I had so much that I wanted to say that I decided to postpone it so that it can be done properly. Instead I am going for a simple collection of short and unrelated thoughts. Enjoy!


It’s the break through of the year, flooding every news websites, everyone is doing it and no one can escape it’s clutches. Yes, I am of course talking about Pokemon Go. I have yet to actually download it but There are very few people that I know that hasn’t tried to take me in the fold. It also does not help that is pretty much the only topic most “tech” sections of news website seem to be interested in reporting. Nvidia releasing their new mainstream GPU for $250? Who cares! Someone fell off a cliff somewhere or got robed while play Pokemon Go! Even the local custom T-shirt store got in on the craze, selling team shirts:

But I want to join Team Rocket…

Apparently people are already talking about how much more active they have become since the app requires you to actually go out to the outside world to do anything. My sister was telling me that there is now more joggers than ever in central park, because people are out there for Pokemons.  With people are already touting how much of a workout they are getting of VR games, there seem to some sort of trend developing with newer high tech gadget encouraging to more active. Nothing gets people to workout like video games? Pretty ironic if you ask me.

I think it is only a matter of time until we get Augmented Reality goggles and start seeing “real life” Pokemon tournament in stadiums and arenas. That would actually be a ton of fun to watch. Maybe I’ll download it by the end of the week and walk around, see what mysterious creature lurk around the midwest.


A little bit belated but it was the Omaha Comic Con a couple weekends ago. thought it wasn’t either in Omaha or even in Nebraska, rather it was in Council Bluff Iowa, just across the river. Apparently it’s cheaper there and free parking, so who can argue?

It was also quite small compare to say the New York Comic Con, thought to be fair it is only the second year they are organizing it and they don’t have giant sponsors like New York does. It still somehow managed to have the same feel: people in costumes booth with artist selling posters and doing commissions, boxes upon boxes of $0.50 comics, cool t-shirts, model painting competition… The whole lot! I ended up snagging 20 $0.50 comics, a cool T-shirt and a nice poster card sized print to put in my cubicle.


One of my college buddies has started his first Kickstarter Campaign for a card game he created! How exciting is that? It is called “Collectors and Capers” and each player take the role of a thief, trying to steal a priceless artifact from a museum. The gameplay revolve around either strong arming your way through or bluffing on how good your cards are. It sort has a Steve Jackson games vibe to it, like Ninja Burgers and Munchkin The campaign it self is already quite successful being, close to 5000 out of 7000 needed in just eight days. It was play tested in a couple table top games convention around Seattle and has gotten a lot of positive feedback. there is also a review on Legends of Tabletop.

If you would like to help out, you can find the Kickstarter campaign here. If you do choose to pledge, help spread the word as well, It would be really awesome seeing this campaign being successful.


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