Catching up on the previous weeks…


Oh man has it been a while he it wrote on this blog… and it not like I have some epic excuse like “I was undercover trying to get my hand on the early copy of No Man’s Sky!” or “I went on a trip to the arctic and there was no internet!”. No, I was just to lazy to write anything.

I think that might just be because work has been more of a slog then usual lately. The design analyst I am currently working with is not quite as good as the one I used to work with. Brenda, the design analyst that I worked with of back office project, had almost 25 years in the company and made very clean designs. The changes were highlighted, there clear comment on what needed to changed, deleted or inserted and there were rarely any errors. The guy I am working with isn’t as experienced and his design can be a bit lacking. He only sporadically highlights what changes needs to be done, when sometimes there are multiple similar changes to multiple module, he simply copy paste the same paragraph over and over without correcting the variable names, and sometimes his design is plain wrong.

In the project I’m currently working on has a new file definition for a new input file for a program, the file has 320 character per record but the design he wrote only allocates for 160 characters. Several of the new field that were supposed to be added actually already exists. the most infuriating part of the design was where he simply pasted 20 lines of codes and made a single edit but did not indicate it at all. It took me a good half hour to spot the one change for what should have taken all of five minutes had he simply highlighted those three characters…

What is his reason for what I would consider to be sloppy work? The design is merely pseudo code,and that as long I can figure it out myself it’s fine…

Now it not the worst design I have ever seen (that honor is for a project I worked on for another team, where not a single line of the design was correct…) but as far as I can tell, he is the only design analyst who works that way. Most, if not all, the designs that involved multiple teams are all very detailed and thorough while his are not always complete.


Not everything is all sad and down beat however! That is because I finally started going to a proper gym regularly and I hurt all over… Well, not exactly all over, this week it’s mostly in the shoulders and last week I couldn’t bend my knees anymore.

Since I am currently training for the Omaha half marathon, I figured it would be a good idea to sign up at gym and get some proper tips on some workout routine to shed some weight in the long run. I found one that right by the office, meaning that I can go and workout right after seating on my ass for eight hours in front of a computer. They have plenty of machines to use, group classes you can simply show up for and they give a couple free sessions with a personal trainer to get you started when you sign up. The price to keep the personal trainer is quite steep so I might skip on the personal trainer after the last session.

I  am foreseeing several afternoon of sore muscle but you know what they say: no pain, no gain.


I finally started playing Pokemon Go, and it’s Ok i guess… Don’t get me wrong, it is quite fun to go around looking for Pokemons to catch and all but other than that, it feels a bit shallow at the moment. All the RPG elements from the classic games had to have been thrown out for pretty obvious reasons but that makes evolving your Pokemon so much more tedious. You need to capture a hundred Magikarps to get a Gyarados? I’ll probably pass for now. The Pokestops seemed like a good idea, but it seems like a bit hit and miss. In New York City, I hear they are pretty much every where, while here in Nebraska, they are quite some distance away from each other. That means that getting things like Pokeballs and eggs a bit harder.

I am more than happy to walk the distance, I am training for the half marathon after all, but having the app always running is a bit annoying, especially when no Pokemon show up for miles. A couple weekend ago, I went on a “short” 5 mile walk to get some stuff from Walgreens. I figured that I would be able to find some new Pokemons along the way or maybe hatch an from a Pokestop. Not a single Pokemon showed up on either leg of the trip. It showed that there were some around me but a single one appeared on any where near me!

More recently, the app has developed a tendency to be entirely blank. none of the gyms or Pokestops are there and not a single Pokemon in vicinity. I understand that the app is still essentially in beta, but there was so much hype around the game that it is hard not to feel disappointed a bit. I just cannot fathom how people got so addicted to this game…



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