Back from the from the dead… sort of…

Hello Internet! It’s been a while since my last post here! Six whole month since that last blog post! Golly!

So what happened since? Well, I finished building that computer and it is working like a charm, I ran the Omaha half-marathon and finished it in three hours and twenty four minutes, which is not bad for a first timer,  I went to the New York Comic con which was a ton of fun, I transitioned from contractor to full time employee, and finally had an amazing trip to Florida in January.

So why I did not post anything in the past six month? Simple really: I was slacking… And why did finally restarted blogging today? well, it’s not because I am less of a slacker but because I am sick and off my face on aspirin and sore throat medication! You know those flu like symptoms where your throat is as dry as the Sahara and every part of your body just hurt? Yeah that’s me right now…

That weird nap from yesterday should have ticked me off. I decided to lounge and read some of the comic books I had bought that morning. I looked at my watch, it was 3:30, I get comfortable on the sofa and Bam! Suddenly it’s 5:45. Either I was suffering from phantom time due to an alien abduction or I was on the brink of getting quite sick, and considering in what shape I was in last night, it was obviously the later…

That being said I am starting to feel better than last night and I have tomorrow off, so it should not affect me to much, though my weekend plan were swiftly ejected out the window… I sure ain’t going to the gym today!

I guess this the perfect opportunity to catch up on some video games that I wanted to play, or watch some movies, or lay on the ground drinking hot tea to sooth my throat and contemplate the meaning of life… So many choices…


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