Uhmm? What’s that? New AMD CPUs are coming out this weekend? And they look like they might actually be good value? That sounds very exciting! What? Oculus just cut the price of their Rift headset by $200? Wow! This might just be the best moment to buy into the VR experience… But what’s this? Nintendo’s latest console is coming out this Friday? Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti?  My oh my! So many things to buy!

But chances are… I ain’t buying any of them. All of these are definitely tingling my interest but I not sure I can justify buying any of them.

While the new line up of AMD’s CPU look promising: 8 cores, low energy consumption, more affordable than a comparable Intel CPU. However, I would need to get a new motherboard, which would cancel out any price advantage, and my current system is an ITX form factor, and no ITX motherboard with the new AM4 socket are available yet. Besides my current computer is still more than powerful enough to play current releases at near max settings anyway. The GTX 1080 TI would be easier to slap in my current computer but again, I don’t need to upgrade my computer.

What about the Oculus Rift? $200 off is definitely a great deal! This is more of a grey zone. I really want to get into VR and price had always been a big roadblock. One problem I have is that the Oculus room scale setup has been hit and miss for many people. Supposedly there is a new update coming to fix the tracking issues but information is thin on that. Another is that HTC has better tracking and is working on new controllers that supposedly are coming out later this year. Plus, there is a chance that they will cut their pricing as well to remain competitive. Oh and I still have some issues with Facebook’s/ Oculus’ decision to have timed exclusives for their platform. I think I’ll continue to wait and see how the VR landscape evolves, besides I doubt that Oculus will raise their price again any time soon.

What about the Nintendo then? What’s wrong with that? Well, while there seems to be some positive words going around, I think I’ll wait until more proper reviews are out. Big issue like the Red Ring of Death tend to not show up in review hardware. Plus the current release line up of game is a bit thin. Sure Mario Kart is a safe value but I am sure that more interesting games are bound to come out.

In the mean time, I guess I can always put some money aside and try to pay off my car early… Or maybe I should look for a new phone… That could use an upgrade….


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