I guess it’s winter again…

It seems that WordPress had a brain fart and this was never posted… Just pretend that this post was made a week ago….


Last Monday it was gorgeous outside! the sun was shinning, there was a light breeze and it was like 80 degrees outside. Summer felt like it was around the corner. Now, it’s gloomy as hell and the temperature are in the low twenty degrees and it was technically snowing on Friday… Why oh why is weather so inconsistent these day?  I don’t mind weird swings in temperature but this is really brutal.

But Alex, surely there is more going on the world than stupid weather! Why yes voice in may head, there is!

I went to the movie theater the other day and went to see the new King Kong movie and was actually pretty good. Sure, some of the characters are not very three dimensional and feel somewhat pointless but most of them die so to me that not really an issue. Visually, the movie is incredible. The fight scene with Kong at the end is really cool, and unlike the 2005 remake of the original, it does not feel like it too long. I was surprised to see that the movie was barely two hours. If you liked Godzilla and are curious about some of the coming movie in that shared universe, I would strongly recommend giving it a watch. Also do make sure to stay for the after credit scene, it is well worth it.

The one thing that annoyed me the most was not in the movie itself but one of the trailers, the one for “Life”. It’s a sci-fi movie that opens with “Spirit in the skies”, just like Guardian of The Galaxy, it has a cocky Ryan Reynolds just like in Deadpool, It has the international space station breaking up and entering the atmosphere just like in Gravity, there’s an alien that kills on instinct and they try to kill with a flame thrower just like in Alien. It’s like Sony decided to take elements from very successful sci-fi movie, threw them in a blender and decided that because it worked for others it will work for them… Oh so blatant plagiarism…

Also I definitely need a new phone because my current one is starting to act up strangely. First of all one of the quirks is that there is no vibration only mode, the ringer volume cannot be completely turned off. I cannot silence my phone, which means that i can’t silence my phone… Now that isn’t an end all issue, I just put my phone on airplane mode. Comes in quirk number two: when I turn off airplane mode, my Bluetooth devices can’t connect anymore unless I reboot my phone. This is really annoying. It also happens even if I don’t use airplane mode. Oh and for some reason, if I don’t reboot my phone once in a while, the Youtube app decides that synchronized audio and video is for sissies and desynchronizes… That last one baffles me, somehow I can understand the Bluetooth Issue, but Youtube? I think I should start looking for a new device….


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