I guess it’s officially spring…


As you might have heard, the spring equinox was this Monday and it has officially been spring for three whole days, and to be honest you can hardly tell. We had this gorgeous day on Sunday with temperatures in the low 80, I went on a nice six mile walk, got a chance to wear so shorts for the first time in while… and couple days later it was sleeting… I was literally freezing this morning… It is supposed to get better in the upcoming weeks and genuinely can’t wait for so nicer weather. That is until real Summer kicks in and it gets unbearably hot… I need to to move to Hawaii, at least the temperature are constantly nice year long there…


So there has this brouhaha going around about how Microsoft was push “intrusive ads” in File explorer going on last week and earlier this week and I just can’t fathom what planet these people live on. Maybe it’s because I am a techie and most tech website are for the common lowest denominator, and probably because click bait makes more money, but I was not inconvenienced at all by the supposed “dastardly move” by Microsoft. First of all It’s hardly intrusive, it was just a “banner ad” that, unless you have a tiny screen and font at maximum, is far less intrusive that your average online self playing video ad, and it actually has a X at the top right to dismiss it, something that a lot of articles fail to mention. Sure, there is a setting that will probably prevent future ads, but it take less than a second or two to click on the X and once dismissed that ad never reappears. Also I think that the ads are somehow tied to your Microsoft account because it only appeared on one of my three Windows machines and they are all up to date. This seems like such a storm in tea cup, which I guess is the general trend in media these days…


I have been looking for a new phone and I think that I have found what I am looking for, the Huawei P10 ( and probably the plus variant). It has a nice a large screen, 20 mp rear camera, Micro SD slot, runs on the latest version of android, has an headphone jack and most importantly it should be cheaper that comparable phones from popular brands like Samsung or Apple. Yes it is from a Chinese brand which might scare some people but Chinese phone maker have been making some really good ones. My current phone, the Oneplus 2 is really competitive in there of feature and price. There is no release date for the american market yet, and I am not risking buying an import from ebay (plenty of scammers), so I’ll have to endure my wonky phone for a while longer. I’ll also keep a look out for possibly the Oneplus 4 that might come out later this summer, or just go for the 3T which has gotten a lot of good reviews.


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