Let the rainy season begin!!

Ahh, Spring! A season that bring vision of warm weather, refreshing breezes, having a nice glass of ice tea on the terrace of your local coffee shop… But nope! Here, it means a ton of storms. It has been raining non stop for the past four days or so. I has not been so bad that I had turn the heater back on but pretty close.

I had such high hope of getting back to running outside and try out my new Garmin GPS watch.  I already signed up again for the Omaha half marathon and I think that I can cut at least 10-20 minutes from last year time’s, but I really don’t want to be on the treadmill for more than a couple miles. Hopefully we get a couple nice weeks before the unbearable heat of summer, get some good runs going.


Hey, remember how I said that I was looking into getting a Huawei P10 if/when I came out in the United States? HAHAHAHA, what a fool I have been! Turns out I misread a couple articles. When I read “there is no announced release for the US”, I assumed there was an implied “yet” but after looking a bit more into it, the word seems to be that it won’t be released in the states… Bummer.

Well, at least there is a silver lining in the form of my second choice of phone: the Mate 9. It has almost the same specs, it has a bigger screen, better resolution and higher pixel density, but most importantly, I can actually buy it right now. It apparently comes with Amazon’s “Alexa” thing but it will disabled/deleted faster than you could say “useless piece of $%*#!”. There is a Pro version with 128 gigs of memory and 6 gig of ram but it’s nearly $300 more expansive… Yeah, I’ll pass. The one thing I am not too keen on is the fingerprint on the back rather where the home button is, I guess I could live with it.


Something kinda funny happened at the office recently. As we prepare to give one of our building to UNO, the security department has been doing upgrades to our system, and they must have messed something up because all the employee badges stopped working, but only on some doors.

I remember walking into the building and seeing this long line in front of the security desk. Tried to buzz in and could not get in. I could wait in line for like ten minutes or walk to the back of the building and use the other set of doors that apparently worked fine. So apparently we have two different set of access authorization for one building, which is seem really dumb.

The way they seemed to have fixed it is what really takes the cake. As far as I can tell, the doors don’t lock anymore, the badge scanner is blinking like you just buzzed in. They also doubled on security guards to avoid a situation where the front desk is unattended and someone sneaks in.

Problem: people can’t go through the security doors. Solutions: A) fix the access issue issue or B) unlock the doors… I guess they went for the lazy option…


Talking about the office, I think I am finally seeing the light at the end of tunnel. I have been trudging through two projects: one that is not due for another 6 month and another one that’s 6 month overdue.

The design for the October project are about a precise as tarot card reading. It’s full of assumptions, maybes and several section label “to be determined”. Some changes in one program don’t match the changes in an associated copybook. It’s a complete mess.

The other overdue project is that late because it was also a complete mess. When I got the design for the project, all it had were a couple input file layouts (which, surprise, surprise turned out to be completely inaccurate). I improvised a report program and waited 3 months for test files. The test file they sent us were not formatted and were only to test connectivity… after waiting another month, we finally got some proper test files and discovered how far off our assumptions were. I rewrote most of my program only to determine that one of the input file is actually useless and the we should only two of the three files.

I effectively rewrote that program three times now but it might finally be over. All I need is for the other team to confirm the reports and I will finally be free to trudge through one project instead of two…


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