Spring Cleaning…

Ahh… Spring time. Nothing like starting spring cleaning early and enjoy the rest of spring fully. I had a couple things on my hit list of things to improve and probably spend way to much money..

My old office chair had developed a bad slant to it. One of the weld on the mounting plate has a bad crack in it and every time I would lean back, it would get worse. By the time I got my replacement chair, I basically had no back support. What did I buy? Some really expansive “gaming” chair from DXracer. Is it worth all the money? well so far, I can say that it is far more comfortable than the old one and it is clearly far better built than the $70 dollar chair that I bought last time.

Mean green gaming chair! 

I also had to replace the band on my watch but because my watch is oh-so fancy, I can’t just bring it to a run of the mill watch store. It has some special hex lugs and they basically expect you to go to an authorized retailer to get the band changed. Since the nearest of such retailer is all the way down in Kansas City, I spent $40 to get my own set of tools… and another $40 on a replacement band… Still cheaper than going through retailers I suppose… (I had the watched shipped last time and that was $150).



I think I mentioned several time in the past that the apartment complex where I live has a lake. It’s great for running and when the weather is nice, people actually fish in it. I have not yet seen people fishing but there are plenty of evidence in the form of bobbers stuck in tree branches.

I am going to guess the amateurs came out first. I have not done all that much but I am pretty sure that I would manage to not tangling my line in a tree, heck I would know better than fishing next to the trees…


If you are interested in Rubik’s cube style puzzles, you might have heard that V cube has release their latest giant puzzle. Yes, they finally released a nine layered puzzle, three whole years after the eight layered one, and to be honest, I am a bit disappointed.

The main issue that I have with it is that it’s not that much more challenging than the eight layered or even the seven layered puzzles. If you look at the difficulty curve between the difference Rubik’s cube, there is a big leap between the standard three layered cube and the next two cubes. The five and four layered cubes required new techniques to solve the centers and the edges that you don’t need in the three layered cube. The seven and six layered had their own twist on how to solve the last two centers but the rise in difficulty was not that big. The main difference between the nine and seven layered puzzle is mostly having to deal with more pieces. The eight and nine layered cube have no new techniques required to solve them. If you can solve the six layered puzzle, you can solve anything bigger.

Oh, and it’s massive. Even with my massive hand, it is hard to handle.

9×9 to 6×6 V-cubes

I was hoping was a new challenge to tackle but it turned out to be more of the same. To be honest, I actually have several challenging (and horribly expensive) puzzles that I have yet to solve.


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