Strange smells, 1337 H4x0rZ, and a late epiphany…

So it was the twentieth of April last Thursday, or 420 as it is colloquially known. While I neither partake not condone the use of ‘weed’, It seems that someone in apartment block does!

Ooohh, the stench is real! I almost certain it is getting worse. I barely noticed it last week,  I first thought something smelled a bit burnt down the corridor, now I can actually smell it from inside my apartment block. When I came back from work today, it smelled like some one came with a deodorant and tried to spray the smell away but it was only a matter of time before it came back.

I am fairly certain the smell will have dissipated by the end of the week but if you are going to be smoking, at least do it outside or at least somewhere well ventilated, save us the trouble of smelling your dirty hobbies…

(Reminds me of when we made artificial banana flavoring in high school… that class room smelled like bananas for weeks…)


I have been meaning to watch Mr. robot for a while now. I heard a lot of good things about the show and how it portrays hacking more realistically than a lot of other films/TV shows. Being a techie myself and working in a big tech company, I love me a good hacking story. As it turns out The first season of Mr Robot is included with my amazon prime membership and decided to watch the first episode Saturday night and was completely hooked, so much so that I ended up binge watching the last seven episodes on Sunday. I don’t think I have been this enthralled by a TV show since a couple summers ago when I watched all of Stargate.

There is a couple of plot twist that I saw coming but I found the story well done. I really like the fact that they show some more subtle ways some can take control of your computer with CDs and USB drives or how Social engineering can fool you into giving away your password. On the other side there a couple things that are still in the realm if fantasy. The way they go about destroying tape backups is questionable and the main characters “wipes” his computer and destroys his RAM sticks which is completely pointless. I am surprised that they did not mention burner phones, but I guess that it is mainstream now a days anyway.

One thing to note is that they never actually go into the specifics of how their code or some of the hardware actually works. So if you were hopping to learn to be a hacker by watching the show, be prepared to be disappointed, though you will learn about how to prevent yourself from being hacked. Don’t use random USB drives you find in street, or sketchy CD someone pressured you to buy in the street and most importantly have a strong password.

If I had just one complain to make it would be that it does have a whiff of that forced diversity to it. There are couple instances where the plot takes a backseat so that the show can take moment to show you how diverse its characters are and that feels a bit unnecessary.


So along time ago, back when Age of Ultron came out, there was a bit of a “discussion” going around the web about the Infinity Gauntlet, one of Marvel’s most famous artifact and the subject of the upcoming Marvel Avengers movie. Some of the more hard core Marvel movie fan had noticed something strange about the one shown in the post credit scene. The infinity gauntlet had already been spotted as an Easter egg of sort in the first Thor movie, where it is briefly visible in the back ground of a shot when Ice giant break into the weapons vault. That gauntlet was right handed will the one seen at the end of Age of Ultron was left handed, meaning there was two Gauntlet! Gasp! How could it be? well, I think I figured it out.

I was reading the Infinity gauntlet story arc the other when I realized that the glove itself never was anything special. In fact, the glove used in the original comic is just the one Thanos always wore! He literally wear the same gauntlet on the other hand and pops a new one on when he eventually loses possession of the Infinity Gauntlet! Of course there is a pair of Gauntlet! they were never special in the first place!

Now, there still are a couple questions left unanswered. Why would Asgard keep one of Thanos’ gauntlet in its vault? and what were the gems that were already attached to it? I think there a rather simple, if somewhat unsatisfying answer: Marvel did not have a comprehensive shared universe set up yet and just wanted the gauntlet as and Easter egg to excited the fans. basically a continuity error more than anything.

I am sure a lot of people already came to the same conclusion and argued about it in some obscure forum or sub Reddit, but who cares really. No one can possibly know every thing that happens on the internet…


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