My computer did some math and Free comic book day

Obviously I am a big nerd. I go to comic conventions, I have a box full of Rubik’s type puzzles and I like mathematics. Mathematics is cool. If any one tells you otherwise they are wrong. None of your electronics would work without all the research that has gone in math.

Obviously, maths has gone a long way and trying to find some new and exciting theorems or trying to prove anything is now really hard.  However, you can push the boundary of knowledge by letting your computer do the calculation for you. You can download a small client and when you are not using your computer it will run some calculation and figure out some math! I have been running the app on my other computer and I already got a couple results!

Here are the two arithmetic sequence of prime that my computer was able to verify:

Basically, they are sequence of 20 and 21 primes that are separated by the same distance. I have yet to find a new prime, but hey you never know. The interesting thing is that despite only running the app for a couple weeks and only a few hours a day, I am already in the 91 percentile of all the US…

So I feel like that if get a bunch of decent used part and slap together a computer just for distributed computation, I would make to the top of the charts… that could be a cool weekend project.

The project I am running is called PrimeGrid, and it runs on the BOINC platform. There is also the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search and they are usually the ones finding the largest known primes.


So today was Free Comic Book day, which is the best of all those weird national days that people came with (though speak like a pirate day and speak like Shatner day are rather cool). Basically, you can go to your local Comic book store and get sample and previews from all the comic book publishers. My local store also does sales and usually a celebrity guest, which this year was Dean Cain who played Superman back in the days.

Last year I decide to show up an hour and a half before the store was set to open and there were already 30-40 ish people there and by the time they opened there was at least 200 people in line. It took me 20 or so minute to get in, so I assume it took at least an hour or more for the people at the back of the line.

This year, I had more cunning plan! By cunning I mean that I just asked the guys from the store to set a bunch of the free comics aside and put them with my usual pull list. That way all I had to do is wait for the store proper to open and be handed a bag full of free stuff rather than wait forever. There are perks in being a regular at your local comic store! The line was almost as long as last year, so I am glad that I did not have to wait.

People do show up in costumes and you can engage pretty much anyone on anything nerd related, so the wait is not necessarily that bad.

I figured it would be a good time to go see Guardian of the Galaxy since it was early in the day and everyone would be busy waiting in line for free stuff. Very good film though not as good as the first one in my opinion. I personally feel that some time they spend to much time on a joke when they could cut it a bit shorter and put a bit more story in. Otherwise, Solid entry in the Marvel universe. Oh and only one of the five “post-credit”  scenes (they are in the middle of the credits though, “mid-credits” scenes?…) really matter…


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