My thoughts on Star Trek discovery

If you have read my blog before, you might have already gathered that I am a bit of nerd. After all, I did go to the New York Comic Con in a full Jedi outfit. One of the corner stones of Nerd culture and probably the one of the things that started it Star Trek, something that I have been all that into. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Star trek, I am just more of a Star Wars guy.

I still appreciate all that Star Trek has brought to the Nerd culture and I really liked what J.J. Abrams did with the reboot. I have tried watching the original series but I just cannot get over the cheesiness of it all. I Just started watching the Next Generations and I think I am hooked.

So why am I talking about about Star Trek, well to talk about Star Trek Discovery. When I heard that they were making a new TV series, I was excited. The prospect of a continuation of such a recognize franchise could help it get revitalized, after all It worked with Doctor Who, Surely It could do the same for Star Trek. However it seemed that more and more bad news and rumors kept coming: It was a On demand exclusive, the creator behind the original project was effectively fired, the release date kept been pushed back, special effects team been fired and more.

But it seems that there was light at the end of the tunnel and they finally started filming early this year, and few day ago the first teaser was released. A teaser that did not inspire much confidence in me.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I am not a hardcore Trekker, and therefore does not necessarily have the case for complains. That being said, what was shown in the trailer feels a bit bland. The aesthetic are very different than the ones from the original shows. The USS enterprise in the Original Series for example had bright pallet to them, they feel clean and welcoming, where as the new ship is dark and almost gritty. The bright colored shirt of the crew were replaced with more militarized uniform, and I originally thought they had ditched the Blue/Yellow/Red colors until I rewatched the teaser a second time. The slant camera angles feel out of place and we see the return of the much hated lens flares.

To cap it all off, Fox just released a teaser for their own Star Trek inspire comedy series, The Orville. If you have ever seen Galaxy Quest, it is basically the same gist but as a TV show which is epic. It is clear that they put a lot of effort to make this show look and feel like what a modern Star Trek series would look like, one might even say they cared more about recreating the style and feel of the original series than CBS.

If star Trek Discovery fail, I would guess that one of the main culprit would be CBS all access or what ever they are calling their streaming service. I don’t think that people will be all that Interested in pay the subscription fee just for one show. If you look at what Amazon, Netflix and Hulu offer for the same price, they are much better values. Unless CBS decide to pull all their shows from other streaming services and put them on their platform, which is unlikely since Netflix is the one distributing Discovery outside the states, there won’t be much reasons to stick around after binge watching the series.

I f you want to delve deeper in the mess that is Star Trek discovery, Midnight’s Edge has done a great retrospective on all the rumors and production trouble of the show here. They also explain how Intellectual Property Right might the cause of it all.


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