A much needed break…

You know that feeling where you feel nothing is going your way? Spending a lot of time on a project that is going nowhere but needs to be finished by the end of the month? Apps on your phone constantly crashing for no reason? Weather being stupid and very cold? I know that feeling, because that was exactly me not two weeks ago. I needed a vacation.

Conveniently, I had one planned just at the perfect time, taking two extra day days after Presidents day and met up with the rest of the family down in Miami Florida. It is always nice to get a break from the cold weather and go somewhere warm (though arriving in Miami with a big winter jacket is hardly practical).


I have technically been to Miami before. Back in the summer of 2007, coming to the US for the first time for a language exchange program, we landed at Miami Dade international before flying up to Orlando. Almost all of the other kids in the program had never been in such a hot and humid environment, while my sister and I, fresh for seven years in Japan, felt quite at home.

So what does one do in Miami? Well, if partying is your thing, there are more bars, restaurant and clubs than I could count, and they start early. We were walking down Ocean Drive at around 2 in the afternoon on Saturday and most of the bar were already pretty full and one hotel had their go go dancers out and about! Also I am pretty sure that some of the party goers would have drunk more alcohol in a single day than I would in a month or two.

Miami also has a very interesting architectural side to it. You might think that, after watching a lot of CSI Miami, that there is nothing but giant condo towers and malls for tourist but the truth is that there is a lot of preserved Art Deco building, especially on Ocean Drive and Collins avenue. Those building also get some really cool lighting during the night too:

But of course, the real reason to go down to Miami is the food. Holy mackerel, the food is delicious down there! Very expensive too! Oh I still dream of the food…. Between ceviche, steak, and Cuban food, the choice was endless. I definitely took on some weight during this trip!

We did try to stay active, as we usually like to, going kayaking in the everglades, paddling and snorkling in the keys off Biscayne bay (where we got to see a lot really cool wild life like sting rays and sharks!). It was not as intensive as the 9 mile treks we were doing last summer in Utah, but you know, there are no mountains in Florida.

Coming back to Nebraska was not to harsh, the weather was not as bad I though it could be, though it did snow pretty bad the day right after, but now it’s full on springtime! The project I was working seemed to make more sense to me after not looking at it for five days, though the deadline is still looming over our heads… Finally, my phone decide to update to the latest version of android and my podcast app has stop crashing when I lock the screen on phone!

See! All my problems were solved by going to Florida! Sure, going that had nothing to do with it, but hey, it make for a better story…


Snow terror…

I thought I knew what it meant to drive on snow, but I guess I was wrong, for I have experience true terror on my way back from work.

There was a big snow storm a couple years back and I drove around without any issues, but the thing was that no one was on the roads and it started snowing early in the morning. All the snow was crisp white snow and that has good traction if you have snow tires.

Thing were different today, it started snowing around 10 O’clock and the city had not had the insight to salt the road preemptively… That meant that there was a lot of people on the roads making the snow this annoying slushy dirty snow that has no traction what so ever. It was rather unnerving when my car decided to plow straight forward when I had the wheel spun all the way left! At least it is fairly easy to tell when you lose traction, the steering wheel stops to resist your input.

The traffic was predictably terrible, as a couple cars got stuck trying to go up hills. Hopefully, the plow will have done their job and have the roads cleared.