This project has no breaks…

It seems liked the weather decided to pull an April fool’s in Nebraska because it is annoyingly cold outside. With the winds picking, the windchill was probably close to low 20 today. to be honest, it not the thing that is annoying me the most.

I know that I talked extensively about it last time, but wow, the project I am working on is mind-numbingly frustrating. It is not that what we are doing is complex or hard to implement. It is just that it appears the people in charge of this whole non sense are complete and utter idiots, to put it mildly.

We are less than two weeks away from our April release. On a normal project, we would have finished the documentation of the changes over two month ago, we are this working on it for this project. On a normal project, the code changes would have been finished and thoroughly tested for over a month ago and only bug fixes and minor code cleaning what we would be working, for this project we are not even close to having finished developing and you can forget testing.

The application architect I am working with (the guy who hands me the specifics of what needs to changed and how) told me to create a whole new program to reformat a brand new file. WHAT? That amount of work is usually considered it’s own project for one of our quarterly releases, and they want me to do all that in less than two weeks? They must be out of their minds!

Pretty much everyone I have talked to agrees that what we are doing is a terrible idea, but that there is little that we can do because it one of the credit card association’s initiative. We need to be able to support that new functionality no matter what. I wonder why the project manager did not have the same amount of conviction and drive back last August, when they were supposed to be working on it, back when it would have been most productive. Maybe their job is on the line this time… probably not, I do hope it is though.

This project is like quick sand, the more effort we put in it, the deeper we sink in, and we are already neck deep. To quote Macbeth: there is something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

On a more positive note, for those who are worried my life is miserable, I have joined two Roleplaying game groups. One to play Dungeon and Dragons fifth edition and one to play Starfinder.

There is nothing like pretending to be an alien mercenary or a self indulging rogue to escape reality. Reminds me a lot of the time my friends and I would play the Warhammer 40k game of Dark Heresy. Starfinder and D&D are quite a bit more forgiving than Dark Heresy but I will miss the trepidation of having the psyker roll on the ‘Perils of the Warp’ table, or just blaming “Heresy” for everything.

Since Joining a D&D group was one of my new year resolution/goal, I guess I can say that I already accomplish something this year! Yay! Positivity…